Year 7 Transition

Year 7 students enjoy a transition programme operating out of the School's dedicated Year 7 Centre


 Year 7 programme a roaring success

John Wollaston offers an outstanding Year 7 Transition Programme. Over the past eight years the School has developed a successful year-long academic, pastoral and co-curricular programme to assist Year 7s with their transition to secondary schooling. The Year 7s are housed in their own purpose built Year 7 Centre. They have a teacher with whom they spend most of their day, as they get a taste of the secondary environment by attending specialist classes including Visual Arts, Science and Food Technology.

The Year 7s become confident, comfortable and focused learners ready to tackle the rigours of secondary study. The year begins with an amazing adventure based camp where friendships are forged and the tight knit community of Year 7 develops. These strong friendships and support structures then follow the students through their schooling at John Wollaston. The inclusive and caring Year 7 environment is an example of the innovative approach taken at John Wollaston. Head of Year 7 Jaqueline Fisher says they have developed a year-long Transition Map giving students the skills to integrate into secondary education.

Year 7 Transition Programme leaflet

Year 7 Transition Programme

  • Well established and successful programme for young adolescents.
  • The “best of both worlds. Primary trained class teachers and specialist secondary teachers in Science and Technology, Performing Arts, Physical Education and Japanese.
  • Purpose built, ecofriendly centre with flexible learning and recreation spaces reserved for the Year 7 community.
  • Inquiry-based learning. Differentiated curriculum to provide support for students of all abilities.
  • Extensive co-curricular programme comprising an adventure camp, after school clubs and interschool sport.
  • Nuturing pastoral environment underpinned by positive education philosophy and a dynamic House system.
  • Opportunities for student leadership, teamwork and self-development.
  • Religious and Values Education which promotes the Anglican ethos of the School.
  • Vibrant learning community where parent support and interest are valued.


Purpose built Year 7 centre promotes security and excellence.


Year 7s quickly become leaders as they thrive in the specialised transition programme, making the big step to secondary school lots of fun.

The adolescent years mark a period of great change for boys and girls physically, emotionally and intellectually and while some students are keen to dive head first into their Secondary education, others benefit from a more gradual transition following their Primary years.

Under this system, students have a ‘home-base’ classroom with one key teacher and continue to learn through the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme approach of Inquiry.

Classes led by specialist Secondary teachers in a variety of subjects – including Arts, Science, and Technology and Enterprise – expose students to the Senior School and facilities not normally available in a primary school setting.

Throughout the year, students are gradually integrated into the pastoral and House activities of the Secondary School, culminating in their full membership of House groups.

Peer support from senior students is an integral part of the programme, helping the Year 7s to feel secure, happy and recognised in their new Secondary setting.

A week-long adventure-style camp is a great ice-breaker in Term 1. Much care is taken to ensure students feel comfortable taking on the greater responsibility of Secondary education, accepting increased opportunities, facing new challenges, and discovering where they want to go.

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