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Issue 7 - Business Manager

  • Main Campus Traffic Entrance                                                                                                 BACK
  • Church Of Christ Car Parking
  • Slip Road
  • Inverness Circle Car Parking

Main campus traffic entrance
The main entrance to the School is not to be used to drop off / pick up students or park as these bays are designated parking for staff and visitors. For the safety of the School community, it is imperative that all traffic requests are adhered to. Parents are requested to use the slip road, new car park at the rear of the gym or the Church of Christ car park.

Church of Christ car parking
* Please park only in designated parking bays. Do not park in the yellow marked bays or drive on the Church of Christ's lawns;
* Please ensure you have clear vision before reversing slowly from your car bay as there could be a small child in your path;
* Please enter and exit the car parks where designated;
* Please do not call your child across Centre Road between the buses. All children are to cross Centre Road at the crosswalk.

The Slip Road
* Please do not park your car and leave it unattended. If you need to walk with or meet your child/ren at the classroom, please use the Church of Christ car park or the car park at the rear of the Berry Durston Indoor Sports Centre (entrance at rear of the gym).
* Please park to pick up your child. Do not call your child into the traffic flow to board your car as this may compromise his/her safety. It also halts the flow of traffic.

Inverness Circle car parking
To assist in alleviating traffic congestion, parents are also able to pick-up / drop-off children at the rear entrance to the School from Inverness Circle.


Thank you for your support.

Gailene Shore
Business Manager

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