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Issue 7 - Chaplain

  • Pentecost Sunday                                                                                                                      BACK


Last Sunday was The Day of Pentecost, the fiftieth day after Jesus Christ rose from the dead. It marks the day when his previously frightened and tentative friends and disciples became his confident and effective ambassadors. The first Christians had an overwhelming experience of God's power among them, inside them, changing them. Since then, countless Christians have also experienced the Spirit of Jesus in our midst.

Sometimes the Spirit seems as gentle as the breath of the risen Lord who came and spoke peace to his disciples as they huddled, terrified, in a locked room. Sometimes the Spirit seems as wild and dangerous as the rushing wind and flames of fire that sent the disciples out to preach on the streets. Sometimes the Spirit helps us remember the acts and words of Jesus. Sometimes the Spirit gives us the words to pass on the message to others. Sometimes the Spirit opens doors for strangers and outsiders to become welcome members of our Christian community, regardless of race, language, gender, sexuality or culture.

Lord Jesus Christ, gloriously risen from the dead, we praise you for pouring out your Spirit on your Church to remind us of everything you have said to us. Do for us, we pray, all we have asked in your name, so that God may be glorified and the Good News made known in all the earth, now and for ever. Amen.

Acting Chaplain
Jeff Astfalck

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