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Students with special needs are supported through the Learning Enrichment Centre (LEC).



The LEC staff work with students to develop their knowledge, skills and confidence, assiting their capacity to access all the School has to offer. Students are assessed to determine their specific requirements and programmes are devised to meet their needs. Support may be given in small groups or on an individual basis within the Centre itself or in the mainstream class. In conjunction with the class teacher, students' needs are reviewed on a regular basis.

Liaison between staff, parents and other professionals involved with each student is promoted through the LEC as these links are vital to a child's development. Where required, students are referred to an Educational Psychologist, Paediatrician, or Speech or Occupational Therapist.

The LEC’s priority is to make students feel secure in their learning environment, to feel positive about themselves and their successes, and to feel confident enough to tackle the next stage of their development.


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