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Studying a Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) at UWA

I came to John Wollaston in Year 8 in 2008 and graduated as Head Prefect in 2012. Some of my fondest memories of John Wollaston are from the classroom - learning from, and interacting with the friendly and passionate teachers, as well as sharing a stimulating intellectual environment with other students in the class. I also remember, with much delight, the lunch time soccer games we used to play and the conversations we had on the lawn in front of the library.

"I learnt how to properly manage my time, work efficiently in a team environment, and set high but achievable standards."

It was a pleasure being around such an amazing and lively group of

friends. Besides providing a sound knowledge base for pursuing

tertiary studies, there were many other opportunities offered by the School that have helped me in life. I learnt how to properly manage my time, work efficiently in a team environment, and set high but achievable standards. School was more than merely an academic experience; it was an holistic one. I was encouraged to pursue various extra-curricular activities, in particular sports and debating.


I am currently taking a four year Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) course at the University of Western Australia and intend to study medicine once I complete this degree.  My career highlight thus far would be studying in America over the winter break. It was a very enriching experience that will be invaluable to my future academic pursuits.

I would encourage students at John Wollaston to make the most of their time at school. Take advantage of the resources available and don’t be afraid to ask the teachers for help. Participate in as many sporting and extracurricular activities as you can and most importantly, focus on your studies.

The time you spend at school is precious and goes by very quickly; don’t waste it. A little dedication and effort go a very long way and it is worth it in the end.


John Wollaston Anglican Community School Head Prefect 2012, Saiuj Bhat has recently joined the prestigious PRISM Alliance. The Vice Chancellors of the five West Australian universities formed the alliance to support the State’s brightest and best students in pursuing prestigious international scholarships. The top 30 students from each Western Australian university were invited to join.

Saiuj is currently in the fourth year of a Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) undergraduate degree at the University of Western Australia, completing his Honours year in Pharmacology. A UWA Hackett Scholarship recipient, he was the top student in Pharmacology in his second and third years. Saiuj is thrilled he chose the Pharmacology major as he has found it to be extremely well taught and interesting. He has had great professors and incredible lab instructors. Saiuj now tutors second year students and would like to do more of this in the future. “It has been fantastic to meet like-minded students and to be learning all the time. The life sciences are amazing and the courses are so interesting that you always want to go to class,” he said.

Saiuj spends a lot of his Honours work time at the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research within walking distance from the main university campus. The priority of the institute is to recruit and build internationally renowned highly skilled research teams, comprising doctors, scientists, biostatisticians and pathologists, working together with cutting edge technologies to make new discoveries and translate this new knowledge into more effective treatments and cures.

“You can’t survive in the academic world without a multi-disciplinary approach,” Saiuj explained, “That is why it is very important to do a broad undergraduate degree as it exposes students to a wider perspective. One day I could be working with a Bioinformatician and the next day honour students from other disciplines. “The university strongly emphasises cross-platform learning and this can be seen on a daily basis at the Harry Perkins laboratories,” he said. Saiuj was very excited to see John Wollaston Year 9 Science students recently participating in the Lotterywest BioDiscovery Centre NEXT GEN Programme at the Harry Perkins institure. This programme gives students a real taste of the life of a scientist.

Saiuj will begin a degree in Medicine next year, but he does not yet know if this will lead him to become a surgeon, a clinician or a scientist. At the moment he is making the most of every opportunity that comes his way. “It is quite difficult to have long term goals when you are working so hard to get your short term goals completed at university. I am enjoying studying and sometimes you have to be flexible as to where the future will take you,” he explained.

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