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Embracing the mandatory Curriculum Framework outcomes, Science at John Wollaston focuses on what individual students know, understand and value as a result of their learning experiences in the five Science Strands:

  • Investigating Scientifically

  • Earth and Beyond

  • Energy and Change

  • Life and Living

  • Natural and Processed Materials


We aim to help our students to develop the ability to communicate scientifically, relate Science to their daily lives, think critically of current scientific issues and appreciate that Science is a result of human endeavour.

At the Senior level, John Wollaston offers courses of study in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Human Biology and Integrated Science.

Academically-talented Science students are encouraged to participate in a wide variety of Summer Schools in WA, interstate and overseas, often with the support of local Rotary Clubs. We have also achieved success in competitions winning a gold medal in the University of New South Wales Science competition and a silver medal in the Rio Tinto Biology Olympiad competition.

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