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YEARS 2 - 6

The academic programme of the Primary School builds on strong literacy and numeracy skills, embracing the philosophy and teaching methods of the International Baccalaureate Organisation's Primary Years Programme (PYP).

The PYP is a proven, effective way for children to learn as it excites them about, and involves them in, their education and caters to individual learning styles.
Through positive and motivating learning experiences, the PYP consolidates and builds on the skills that students have developed during their early childhood education.
Students also attend specialist classes in Art, Music, Japanese, Physical Education, and Information and Inquiry Skills (Library Resource Centre) and have access to a fully-equipped gymnasium, music studios and theatre, visual arts centre, and spacious playgrounds and playing fields.
The incorporation of information technology into our Primary School, with the establishment of a 1:1 MacBook Programme from Year 4, enhances our students’ learning experiences and helps them to develop sound research and analytical skills.


All classes have interactive whiteboards and access to a wireless network for use with laptops and Apple desktop computers. Our Primary also has shared areas between classrooms for use of laptop pods or small groups.
Students participate in co-curricular clubs after school, taking on activities such as chess, cross country, dance, debating and speech writing. 


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