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At John Wollaston we aim to develop the whole child from the early years. One means by which we do this is through structured Encounter experiences. The Encounter Program is unique to our school and offers important learning experiences for each year level which facilitate character development, resilience building and personal growth. Students enjoy the opportunity to test themselves in contexts outside the classroom in the company of their peers and the staff.  For many students, the Encounter is the highlight of their year. 

Pre-Primary - Naturescape Kings Park

Pre-Primary students visit the Naturescape in Kings Park as part of their Encounter. The naturescape is a fantastic venue to investigate and explore with towers to climb, creeks to cross, tunnels to navigate and ropes to wrestle. 

Year 1 - Perth Hills Discovery Centre

The Year 1 Encounter takes the students to the Perth Hills Discovery Centre where they undertake an Indigenous Cultural Experience. Students are introduced to traditional Aboriginal culture through role play. They participate in singing, dancing, face painting and jewellery making and engage in traditional hunting and gathering using Nyoongar tools. 

Year 2 - Rottnest Island

The Year 2 Encounter sees students setting off overseas to Rottnest Island where they participate in small group activities exploring the settlement, walking to Bathurst Lighthouse followed by a swim at the beach. 

Year 3 - Bickley Outdoor Recreation Camp

Students participate in a flying fox, hut building, African drumming and team building. The aim of this big day out is to build resilience and emphasise the importance of caring for each other.

Year 4 - Great Amazing Race in the City

Students participate in an Amazing Race style competition through Perth City. Using a map, students will work in their groups to locate places, solve clues and complete challenges. 

Year 5 - Swan Valley Adventure Centre Camp

In Year 5 students participate in a two night, three day camp at the Swan Valley Adventure Centre. The activities on the camp are designed primarily with an Outdoor Education and resilience building focus. Students participate in a number of Outdoor Education experiences including the flying fox, commando course, canoeing, team building, rock climbing, orienteering, archery and cubby building. 

Year 6 - Canberra/Sydney Tour

An inter-state trip awaits students for their Year 6 Encounter as they head off to visit Canberra and Sydney for a four night, five day adventure. On the trip students visit the Museum of Australian Democracy, Electoral Education Centre, Parliament House, the CSIRO, National Film and Sound Archives, ANZAC Parade Walk, the Australian War Memorial, Mt Ainslie, National Capital Exhibition, Australian National Gallery, the Australian Institute of Sports, Government House and Taronga Zoo. 

Year 7 - Fairbridge Camp and Manjedal Activities Centre

In Year 7 students get to experience two Encounter camps. One is a four day Encounter Camp at Fairbridge Village, Pinjarra while the second is an overnight camp at Manjedal Activities Centre, Byford. 

At Fairbridge Village students participate in a range of activities including abseiling and rock climbing. The purpose of the Encounter is to promote the development of personal and inter-personal skills, increase mutual support within the group and improve cooperation, communication, teamwork, trust, self-esteem and problem solving skills. 

The overnight stay at Manjedal Activities Centre is organised entirely by the students. The purpose of this camp is to promote responsibility for personal planning and belongings, promote resilience and problem solving skills, improve cooperation, communication, teamwork, trust and responsibility within a group setting. 

Year 8 - Into Adulthood

The Encounter program for Year 8 students starts their Into Adulthood Journey Rites of Passage and is facilitated by AdventureWorks WA. They attend a two night, three day camp in Dwellingup. 


Students participate in a range of activities including a high ropes course, commando course, flying fox, archery and raft building. All of these experiences require students to overcome some type of anxiety or stress as they are placed well outside of their comfort zones.


Through the activities students learn they are capable of achieving anything if they are brave enough to accept new challenges.


Year 9 - Rites of Passage Program

The Year 9 students continue their Into Adulthood journey by completing a rafting expedition on the Blackwood River in the stunning Margaret River Region. This experience is designed so the students co-ordinate their effort as a small community, to complete the expedition. It tests their ability to work together as a team, communicate with one another, support and encourage each other to achieve a common goal.

The Rites of Passage is an experience that recognises and celebrates periods of change in a person's life: birth, marriage and graduation, are all examples of significant transitions that we commonly acknowledge. The transition into adulthood is equally significant and arguably the most important transition to be appreciated. Rather than letting young people accidentally stumble into their own unsupervised rites, AdventureWorks utilises a framework that marks the beginning of a student's intentional journey toward adulthood.

Year 10 - Cape to Cape

The Year 10 Encounter continues on with the Into Adulthood Rites of Passage program facilitated by AdventureWorks WA. Students attend a three night, four day camp at the end of Term 3 which is a fully guided, fully catered adventure experience centred on the Cape to Cape Track. The purpose of the Encounter is to develop personal resilience and spiritual awareness, develop teamwork skills, improve cooperation, communication, trust, self-esteem and problem solving skills while having fun with their peers. 

Year 11 - Glen Gerreyn from The HopeFull Institute

In Year 11 students participate in a seminar-based Encounter exploring topics such as personal identity, purpose, resilience, creativity and leadership. Glen Gerreyn from the HopeFull Institute facilitates this Encounter with the aim of the experience designed to enhance self-esteem, develop resilience and build character. 

Year 12 - Swan Valley Adventure Centre

This Encounter brings the Year 12 cohort together to provide them with a positive experience which will see them begin their final year of schooling. During the Encounter, students participate in a range of activities that develop resilience, teamwork skills, improve cooperation and communication, provide academic guidance and planning, develop pastoral awareness and inspire spiritual growth while having fun with their peers. 

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