The Old Wollastonians' Association (OWA) provides fellowship to former students, enabling them to keep in touch not only with each other but also current staff and students. 

The Association maintains school and community spirit amongst former students and fosters goodwill by encouraging links between OWA members and John Wollaston.


The OWA regularly organises social events, including reunions, for past students and staff as well as fundraising activities.


The OWA has many life members and social media, including Facebook, and the OWA newsletter have proven to be great resources for making contact with past students – especially when reunions are planned.


Upon graduation, John Wollaston students automatically become financial members of the OWA for 12 months (paid for by the School), which entitles them to a range of benefits, including regular newsletters and the School’s quarterly magazine, The Charter.


After that first year, they will receive a letter and an application form to extend their membership on a yearly basis or for life.


New members are always welcome.


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