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John Wollaston welcomes your interest in our school. If you would like a to submit an application for your child, please click the button below. If you would like a copy of our Prospectus or paper copy of the Registration of Interest in Enrolment please contact the Registrar, on 9495 8104.

1.  Complete and submit the Registration of Interest in Enrolment

A separate form is required for each child. Registrations are recorded as per the date the form is submitted and the $55 application fee is paid. 

Please click here to view our Entry Year Calculation document, which provides information about your child's enrolment year based upon date of birth. 

Include the following documents for your child/children with your application:

  • Copy of Birth Certificate

  • Copy of Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) Immunisation History Statement (no older than two (2) months)

  • Copy of the most recent academic report (if applicable)

  • Copy of Permanent/Temporary Residency Visa and Passport (if applicable)*

  • Copy of Court Orders/Parenting Agreements/Access Restrictions (if applicable)

  • Copy of medical documents (if applicable)

*If both parents were born overseas proof of citizenship and/or residency are also required.

2.  Enrolment interview

The offer of a place at the School is subject to the successful completion of an enrolment interview. Parents are invited to bring their child to meet with the Principal or Head of Primary, depending upon the age of the child. Topics of discussion include academic progress or concerns, School Values and programs and expectations in terms of standards of behaviour and the wearing of School Uniform.

3.  Formal Offer

If the process outlined in Step 2 is successful, a formal Letter of Offer from the Principal will be sent to parents/guardians (subject to availability).

4.  Acceptance of the Offer

When accepting a place at John Wollaston Anglican Community School you will be asked to complete and return enrolment documentation, and for the payment of a non-refundable Enrolment Fee (if applicable). 

5. Welcome to John Wollaston Anglican Community School

Once you have officially accepted your place at the School we will keep in touch via email to let you know about School events and news, and the orientation process for new students.  

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