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Bright Futures is a concept that seeks to embody what John Wollaston represents. Through the curriculum and pastoral care, the staff at the School aim to provide students with the tools they need to discover their own futures and the paths they may follow.

The Bright Futures alumni campaign follows the successes of past students and obtains words of wisdom from their experiences.


Bright Futures Alumni

Saiuj Bhat 
Class of 2012

Studying a Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) at UWA

Sarah Lau
Class of 2001

Media and Communications Coordinator, Chemcentre

Kate Hewson
Class of 2004

Primary Teacher, John Wollaston Anglican Community School

Aaron Yeak 
Class of 2001

Regional Manager, Confederation of Australian Motor Sports (CAMS)

Glyn Teape
Class of 1996

Deputy Head of Primary - John Wollaston Anglican Community Anglican School

Denson Baker
Class of 1993

Freelance Cinematographer

Michael McPhail 
Class of 2010

Studying a Masters of Philosophy in Physics at UWA and shortly off to Oxford University. 

Michelle Lachenicht
Class of 2013

Dux of 2013 on the path to study medicine

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