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The following page provides John Wollaston families with the latest information about the School's management and response to COVID-19. 


​Our school continues to follow the recommendations and the directives of the State Government and will communicate any changes to parents as we are advised. The following measures have been implemented to date:

  • Face masks - All students in Years 3 to 12 are required to wear a face mask while indoors on school grounds. Parents are requested to provide face masks for their children and remind students to wear them while indoors and on public transport including school buses.

  • Ventilation - We continue to ensure that windows and doors remain open during the school day where possible to improve ventilation in the classrooms. 

  • Vaccination - All staff at John Wollaston are required to be fully vaccinated including their third vaccination within one month of becoming eligible. 

  • Hand sanitiser - Sanitising stations have been placed around the School and in reception areas. Guests, students and staff are reminded to sanitise their hands regularly. 

  • Visitors on campus - At this time non-essential visitors to the School are discouraged. All visitors or volunteers to the School are required to have received two doses of a COVID-19 vaccination in order to enter school grounds. They are also required to check-in on the Safe WA or Service WA app.

  • Daily cleaning - Regular cleaning of surfaces. 

  • Camps, sports and other co-curricular activities - School camps have been postponed until further notice. Decisions on incursions, excursions and events will be made on a case by case basis by the School Executive. 

  • Cashless School - The School is now cashless and all orders for the uniform store or Café can be placed via pre-order with payment online. Students may access their SmartRider or EFTPOS cards for purchase at the Café during the day. 

  • Cohorting - To minimise mingling between year groups, students are cohorting by year level. Secondary House Groups have been reconfigured to a horizontal (year group) structure. 

  • Parents on campus - Parents are permitted on the campus for drop off and pick up in the designated outdoor locations only. Parents are not permitted in classrooms with the exception of Little Wollies and Kindergarten students. We ask all parents to continue to minimise time spent on campus and to practice mask wearing, social distancing and hygiene practices. 


Should a member of your immediate family, including your children, test positive to a PCR test or if you are a close contact who tests positive on a RAT test, please email as soon as possible. A member of the School Executive will respond. 


Please include the following information in your email:

  1. Student's name

  2. Year and Class

  3. Last date of attendance at school

  4. Date of confirmed positive PCR test result or if you are a close contact date of confirmed positive RAT result. 

  5. Contact name and phone number 

To help support children and young people during this period parents and carers can access a range of resources and information sheets from the following organisations: 
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