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The world of work is rapidly changing, being shaped by three major forces; automation, globalisation and collaboration. Employers are placing increasing value on the transferable skills of communication, digital literacy, creativity, collaboration and the ability to critically assess and analyse information. Vocational Education and Training (VET) complements a traditional academic programme by increasing the scope for students to develop skills in courses designed to meet industry standard.

VET allows students to participate in nationally recognised TAFE qualifications or work experience through placement in industry situations. VET can take many forms and involve participation on and off the School site. Qualifications and time spent in work experience can count toward secondary graduation (WACE). Certifications also form part of apprenticeships and traineeships, so it may be attractive to a prospective employer if the student has already started on his/her vocational qualification.

On-site VET

John Wollaston partners with several Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) so that our teachers become qualified trainers and are able to deliver a range of Certificate qualifications. Certificates begin in Year 10 at Certificate I level, through to Certificate III in Year 12.

Off-site VET

Students may choose to undertake a VET qualification delivered by a TAFE or private RTO located off-campus and complement this training with a weekly work placement through our partner, Worklink. This model is completed with WACE courses and further qualifications delivered at school for the remaining three or four days in the week.


Year 10

During the Year 10s’ weekly session of the Value Added Program they spend time exploring their passions, strengths and interests and how these could contribute to the wider society through future employment choices. Staff assist students to research what further training and qualifications they might consider as early as Year 11. Year 10s are accompanied to a Career Expo – ( and use Career Voyage and Skills Road software to shape senior school choices. Student may select to complete Certificate I qualifications in Hospitality and/or Interactive Digital Media and Technology.

Year 11 and 12

On-site qualifications are reviewed annually and are changed to suit student demand and industry trends and standards. Students are encouraged to complete at least one qualification to a Certificate II level. John Wollaston currently delivers the following qualifications to senior students on-site:

  • Business Certificate II and III

  • Hospitality II

  • Interactive Digital Media and Technology II and III

  • Outdoor Recreation II


Off-site VET choices cover a broad range of fields from Aero Skills or Cabin Crew to Construction or Plumbing and many, many more. Students complete their studies at one of a number of TAFE campuses across the metropolitan area, or approved RTO facilities.

School Based Traineeships and Apprenticeships

School based traineeships or apprenticeships allow students to commence training for a vocational qualification and earn a wage while completing their Year 11 and 12 graduation requirements at school. Students typically study a certificate qualification and are paid to work in the same field with an employer who is a partner in the traineeship or apprenticeship. An example is a Hospitality student completing a Certificate III in Commercial Cookery while being paid for gaining industry experience at a restaurant. 

Worklink (Work Placement)

Worklink is a work placement program which can be utilised by

Year 11 and 12 students to gain valuable experience in an

industry related to their career choice. Students can elect to

enrol in the Worklink program regardless of their academic

direction. General or ATAR students may elect to do a work

placement during the school holidays between terms or at the

end of the year. All off-site VET students are compelled to

undertake this program. By doing so, participants form a link between their theory knowledge developed at their training provider and the practical application found in a work place.
Worklink is conducted as a SCSA endorsed program that provides an invaluable opportunity for students to develop the many skills they need for employment.

Students will receive:

  • meaningful training for the transition from school to work,

  • The opportunity to acquire 'hands-on' experience and practical training in the workplace and

  • SCSA accreditation towards a WACE.

  • Work Placement is valued by training organisations and employer when considering Apprentices and Trainees.

  • Success in ADWPL may contribute significantly to a student's successful entry to TAFE.

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